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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

UPS Sentry HPS

SENTRY HPS HM/HT provides maximum protection for vital „mission-critical“ networks, security applications (electro-medical) and industrial applications thanks to its outstanding mechanical and electrical design. The load is powered continuously by the inverter with a filtered, stabilized and regulated sine wave supply. The input and output EMI filters considerably increase the immunity of the load to mains disturbances and surges.
The SENTRY HPS HM/HT series uses on-line double conversion technology (VFI) with an isolation transformer on the inverter output.
SENTRY HPS HM/HT is supplied with Watch&Save 3000 software as standard and can be remotely monitored using the PowerNetGuard system from anywhere in the world.
Additional battery extension packs allow the standard battery runtime to be extended up to several hours.

 General Features

  • Minimum Impact on Supplies - Easy Source
    • Input current distortion <4% for the Sentry HPS with filter with sinusoidal absorption to remove the risk of resonance with other input supply users or phase shift capacitor sets. The absorbed current distortion is independent of input supply parameters such as impedance. This enables Sentry HPS to deliver maximum performance levels regardless of the installation environment. With these input features Sentry HPS can achieve significant savings in terms of sizing and power supply sources - isolation transformers and generators over less sophisticated power systems.
  • High Availability
    • Powershare output socket provides the load-shedding of the least critical load to maximise the back up time of the most critical servers. Hot Swappable battery from the front of the UPS allows easy and no-risks maintenance of the UPS. Additional Battery Box and extended charging current are available in tower 2200 and 3000 for very long back up time applications. Predictive battery testing to spot potential battery deterioration and failure. Deep discharge protection to reduce overall battery aging.
  • Maximum Battery Care
    • Battery deep discharge protection
    • Temperature compensating charger
    • Built-in automatic and manual battery test feature
  • Simple to Install
    • Capability to install the UPS into any distribution system (neutral not required on rectifier input)
    • Capability to separate the rectifier/bypass power networks and to power these from two separate sources, without Galvanic isolation
  • High Reliability
    • Extremely high short-circuit current to ensure compatibility with the most difficult transformer applications (lighting, drives and industrial processes) and an isolation transformer on the inverter output
    • Full microprocessor control with no-break static and manual bypasses
    • IGBT technology
  • Other Characteristics
    • 0.8 power factor makes Sentry HPS suitable for powering ICT and industrial loads
    • High level diagnostics: event log with 128 messages, states, measurements and alarms - available from the built-in LCD in several languages
    • BACK FEED protection: to avoid energy feeding back into the mains supply should a fault occur
  • Options
    • Isolation transformers
    • Various lead acid battery types including 5 year, 10 year and 20 year design life, VRLA, NiCad options and runtimes up to several hours
    • Communications software
    • Solutions for low input current distortion
    • Closed loop parallel kit option (to be ordered with the unit)
  • Low consumption levels
    • Sentry HPS can achieve efficiencies >98% thanks to a selectable Economy Mode which can be used in stable electrical environments to provide power supply continuity should the mains fail./li>
  • Maximum Reliability and Availability
    • Connect up to 8 units in parallel or N 1 redundancy, even of different power ratings.
      The UPS continue to work in parallel even if one of the interconnecting communication cables is disconnected (CLOSED LOOP).
  • Advanced Communication
    • Compatible with TeleNetGuard for remote maintenance
    • Advanced, multi-platform communication for all operating systems and network environments: Watch&Save 3000 monitoring and shut-down software included, with SNMP agent, for Windows 9x, ME, NT 4.0,2000, XP, Vista and 2003 server; Mac OS X, Linux, Novell and Unix operating systems
    • The UPS is supplied with a cable for direct connection to the PC (Plug and Play)
    • RS232 serial port
    • Dry contacts
    • Installation slot for an Emergency Power Off (EPO) interface to allow the UPS to be switched off remotely in an emergency.
    • Installation slot for connecting auxiliary contact bypass
    • LCD or LED remote control panel
    • Graphic panel for remote control
    • Generator interface: enables desynchronisation of the UPS output from a generator supply which may be subject to phase and frequency variations. The interface also enables more economic use of the battery charger.
  • No-break power architectures
    • The Sentry HPS range features a wide range of modules and configurations that can be manufactured into one complete system to solve your power problems. Each system is therefore unique and we ask that you consult our engineers for your specific application.


  • Servers
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Data centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial equipment
  • Electro-medical equipment