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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

<br />Technological <br /><b>Cabinets</b>

Technological cabinets

We at A2B have long-standing experience with manufacturing of various types of technological cabinets designed for indoor as well as outdoor placement of telecommunication, security and control technologies. Our highly individual approach ensures that each solution matches specific customer requirements. High flexibility of our cabinets allows for integrated solutions where one cabinet accommodates all necessary equipment.


Air-conditioned technology cabinets have the following properties:

  • Double-shell insulated cabinet
  • Separate compartment for batteries and for technology and the power supply system
  • Battery compartment with thermoelectric cooling (Peltier cells)
  • Technology compartment with ventilation and heating
  • A pair of lockable doors / access to technology on the one side / access to batteries and the power supply system on the other side
  • Technology compartment equipped with a 19” frame
  • AC and DC distribution located on the sides
  • LED lighting, door contacts, AC and DC wiring, overvoltage protection, service socket and other fittings based on customer requirements
  • 19” power source section

The separation of the battery compartment from the compartment housing power supply system and technology enables solving the stabilisation of each compartment separately. The battery compartment has a maintained optimum temperature to eliminate any impact of the ambient temperature on the operating life of batteries. The technology and power supply system are housed in a separate ventilated compartment (a broader temperature
range is used) with air filters ensuring the cleanliness of the inner environment.

The outdoor cabinets are a modern, integrated solution facilitating low total operating costs:

  • Separated compartment – no need to consider technology heat loss when designing the cooling system for batteries
  • Thermoelectric cooling eliminates any negative impact of air conditioning units on the mains
  • Lower noise and extended operating life of fans, thanks to fan speed regulation depending on temperature
  • Provides the optimal environment for battery operating life
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