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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

Battery<br/><b>Testing &</b><br /><b>Monitoring</b>

Equipment for battery testing and monitoring

Universally regulated loads designed for battery testing, stress testing of DC and AC power supplies.




RZ120 and RZ240 units are universally regulated loads designated for:

  • Testing batteries with voltages between 24V and 800V DC
  • Stress testing of DC power supply units up to 800V
  • Stress testing of AC power supply units up to 230V
  • Option to connect up to 12 MM-02 measurement modules (maximum 288 blocks)

MM-02 measurement modules are designed for:

  • Testing batteries in conjunction with RZ120 or RZ240 unit
  • Battery monitoring during operation
  • The MM-02 measurement module features 24 inputs for voltage measurement (maximum 20V/input) and one input for temperature measurement
  • Wireless communication between the modules and master system / load


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