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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

<br /><b><br />Gensets</b>


The output range of gensets is between 9 and 2200kVA, used as a primary source of energy or as a backup source. All gensets are equipped with a four-stroke diesel engine, made by renowned international manufacturers.

Genset on chassis


  • Genset non-bonneted, bonneted, bonneted with soundproofing or installed in a container
  • Genset without ecological tub or with integrated ecological tub
  • Homologated chassis or chassis for slow transport
  • Control unit for manual control or with automatic start-up on power outage
  • Control unit for concurrent operation with the mains or multiple Gensets
  • ATS distributor equipped with contactors or power disconnectors with motorised actuator
  • Remote genset monitoring and control
  • Integrated fuel tank and/or external fuel tank
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