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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

DC <br /><b>Power <br />Systems</b>

DC Power Supply Units

DC power supply units provide DC power to the technology and/or charging batteries.

Depending on the output power and customer requirements, the power supply units can be supplied in portable, wall-amounted, rack/standalone design, or for installation into a 19” cabinet.

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Optimization of overall system efficiency—Rectifier Efficiency Mode & Cycling

We use a modular structure when designing DC power supply system solutions. Each DC power supply system is based on a rectifier module. These are available in various output categories and with various standardised values of output voltages. The used rectifier modules are hot swappable, and are characterised by compact dimensions, high efficiency, a wide range of permissible ambient temperature, and the ability to operate a control unit. In combination with smart control units, they allow optimising the charging process, monitoring the condition of batteries, switching off/on rectifier modules depending on current load, as well as selecting various operating modes in respect of the power source and its capacities. The power supply systems feature a flexible distribution panel that can include, based on client requirements, circuit breakers and protection against the full discharge of batteries, as well as protection of individual outputs for connecting technology and diode isolation of the output in the case of parallel co-operation of multiple power supply systems.

When various levels of output voltages are needed, the system can be supplemented with DC/DC converters. In addition to modular solutions for power supply systems, ”classic” rectifiers with thyristor technology are also available.

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