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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

UPS Flexus

The FLEXUS series is suitable for protecting information and telecommunications systems, information networks and critical systems in general, where the risks connected with a power supply of poor quality energy could put the continuity of activities and services at risk, entailing high costs.
Flexus series is available in 10-12-15- 20kVA three-phase or single- phase input and single-phase output models and 10- 12-15-20-30-40kVA three-phase input and output models with double conversion online technology according to the VFI-SS-111 classification, as defined by IEC EN 62040-3 standard.
Flexus has been designed and produced with state-of-the-art technologies and components, in order to guarantee maximum protection for the users powered, no impact on the supply mains and energy saving.

 General Features

  • Zero Impact Source
    Thanks to the technology used, Flexus can solve any problem of connection in installations where the supply mains has a limited installed power, where the UPS is also powered by a generator set or where there are problems of compatibility with loads that generate current harmonics;
    Flexus has indeed zero impact on the power supply source, be it the mains or a generator set:
    • low distortion of input current – less than 3%
    • input power factor 0.99
    • power walk-in function that guarantees progressive start-up of the rectifier
    • delayed switching-on function, to restart the rectifier igniters when the mains returns, in case of systems with various UPS
    The Flexus also act as a filter and phase-shift protection device in respect of the supply mains ahead of the UPS, since it removes the harmonic components and the reactive power generated by the users powered
  • Battery Care System:
    Management of the batteries is fundamental to guaranteeing operation of the power supply unit under emergency conditions. The Battery Care System consists of a series of functions and performances that permit management of the storage batteries in such a way as to obtain the best performance and to extend battery life.
    Battery recharge: Flexus is suitable for working with hermetically sealed (VRLA), AGM and GEL lead batteries, and openvase and Nickel-Cadmium batteries.
    According to the type of battery, various recharge methods are available
    • One-level recharge, typical for the most commonly used VRLA AGM batteries
    • Two voltage levels recharge according the IU characteristic
    • Charge block system to reduce consumption of the electrolyte and further extend the life of VRLA batteries.
    Compensation of the recharge voltage according to temperature in order to avoid excessive charges and battery overheating.
    Battery Test in order to detect any fall-off in performance or failure of the batteries in good time.
    Protection against deep discharges: in case of long low load discharges, the end-of-discharge voltage tension will be increased, as prescribed by the battery manufacturers, in order to avoid damage to or a drop in performance of the storage batteries.
    Ripple Current: the recharge ripple current (residual AC component) is one of the most important causes that reduce battery reliability and life. Flexus, thanks to the high-frequency battery charger, reduces this value to negligible levels, extending battery life and maintaining high performance for a long time.
    Wide voltage range: the rectifier is made to be operated with a wide range of values of the input voltage (up to -40% with half load), reducing the need to discharge the batteries and, as a result, extending the battery life.
  • High efficiency
    Up to 94% for units from 10 to 20kVA and up to 96.5% for 30 and 40kVA units permit respectively 35% and 55% energy saving (kW/) in one year, compared with similar products present in the market (with average efficiency 91-92%). This exceptional performance value makes it possible to recover the initial investment in less of 4 years operation for units from 10 to 20kVA and 3 years for 30-40kVA units
  • Low Management Cost:
    The technology used and the choice of high performance components mean that Flexus can obtain exceptional performance and efficiency levels, from a very low fooprint and dimensions:
    • The lowest footprint in this category, only 0.26 sq. m. for 20kVA Flexus, batteries included
    • Output power with power factor 0.9 that provides up to 15% more active power compared to a normal UPS in commerce, guaranteeing the greatest margin in sizing of the UPS for further load increases
  • Flexibility:
    Flexus can be used for a wide range of applications, thanks to its characteristics of configuration flexibility, accessories and options available and performance levels:
    • Suitable for powering capacitive loads such as blade servers, without any reduction of the active power, from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging
    • Modes of operation: On Line, Eco, Smart Active and Stand By Off
    • Frequency converter mode
    • Power Share sockets that can be configured in order to maintain the back-up time for the most critical loads or to be activated only when the mains goes down
    • Cold Start to switch on the UPS including when the supply mains is off
    • Battery cabinets of various dimensions and capacity, for longer back-up times
    • Option to connect a temperature sensor for external battery cabinets, for recharge voltage compensation
    • Additional battery chargers to optimize recharge times
    • Optional double input of the supply mains
    • Isolation transformers to modify the neutral arrangements, in case of separate sources or for galvanic isolation between input and output
  • Expandability
    Flexus can work in parallel up to 6 units to increase the power availability and the reliability. The single module or the parallel system can be expanded at any time to suit additional power requirements without influencing the initial investment. Thanks to the peculiarity of the „Hot System Expansion“ feature, the new UPS can be connected in parallel while the other units are on-line and supplying regular power to the load. When the UPS is connected it will be updated automatically from the other UPS on line.
    To increase the flexibility of the Flexus system, on each unit a second input is available for a synchronization with the external source other than the bypass mains.
  • Advanced Communication
    Flexus is equipped with a graphic display that provides information, measures, states and alarms regarding the UPS in 5 different languages.
    • Advanced multiplatform communication, for all operating systems and network environments: Watch&Save 3000 monitoring and shutdown software included with SNMP agent
    • Compatible with PowerNetGuard for the remote assistance service
    • RS232 or USB serial port
    • 3 slots for the installation of optional communication accessories.
    • REPO (Remote Emergency Power Off)
    • Input for connection of the auxiliary contact of an external manual bypass
    • Input for synchronization from an external source
    • Graphic mimic panel display for remote connection
  • 2 - year warranty