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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.




Energy Saving: high efficiency without compromise

  • Offers the highest efficiency in the market using VfI – Double Conversion Mode, the only UPS working-mode that assures total load protection against all mains quality problems
  • Ultra high efficiency output independently tested and verified by an international certification organization in a wide range of load and voltage operating conditions, to have the value in the real site conditions
  • Ultra high efficiency in VfI mode is provided by an innovative topology (3-Level technology) that has been developed for all the Green Power 2.0 UPS ranges

Full-rated power: kW=kVA

  • No power downgrading when supplying the latest generation of servers (leading or unity power factor)
  • Real full power, according to IEC 62040: kW=kVA (unity power factor design) means 25% more active power available compared to legacy UPS
  • Suitable also for leading power factor loads down to 0.9 without apparent power derating

Significant cost-saving (TCO)

  • Maximum energy saving thanks to 96% efficiency in true double conversion mode: 50% saving on energy losses compared to legacy UPS gives significant savings in energy bill
  • UPS "self-paying" with energy saving
  • Energy Saver mode for global efficiency improvement on parallel systems
  • kW=kVA means maximum power available with the same UPS rating: no overdesign cost and therefore less €/kW
  • Upstream infrastructure cost optimization (sources and distribution), thanks to high performance IGBT rectifier
  • Battery configuration can be optimized, thanks to a very wide DC range.
  • Extended battery life and performance:
    - long life battery,
    - very wide input voltage and frequency acceptance, without battery use
  • EBS (Expert Battery System) charging management improves battery service life

Standard and Option Features

Standard electrical features

  • Dual input mains
  • Internal manual bypass
  • Backfeed protection: detection circuit
  • EBS (Expert Battery System) for battery management
  • Battery temperature sensor

Electrical options

  • External maintenance bypass
  • External battery cabinet
  • Additional battery chargers
  • Galvanic isolation transformer
  • Parallel kit
  • ACS synchronization system

Standard communication features

  • User-friendly multilingual interface with color graphic display
  • Commissioning wizard.
  • Dry-contact interface (100-120 kVA/kW)
  • Embedded LAN interface (web pages, email)

Communication options

  • Dry-contact interface (10-80 kVA/kW)
  • BACnet/IP interface
  • NET VISION: professional WEB/SNMP interface for UPS monitoring and shutdown management of several operating systems

Remote monitoring service

  • LINK-UPS, remote monitoring service that connects your UPS to your Critical Power specialist 24/7


  • Data centres
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcear sector
  • Service sector
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial applications