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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.


Air Conditioned Technological Cabinet KSBM 4/08

The KSBM 4/08 air-conditioned technological cabinet is designed for emplacement of telecommunication, security or control technologies in an outdoor environment. It offers a possibility to use ventilation (depending on environment conditions and installed technology). KSBM 4/08 can be equipped with power supply 48V DC with power 6000W, output with or without diode separation, LVD contactor, 4 battery sets with total capacity 640 Ah.
It is possible to supply optional accessories based on client’s requirements.

 General Features

Double-walled cabinet with internal isolation includes in standard version:

    • 2 doors equipped with a 3-point lock
    • Max 13U high 19" frame for technology emplacement
    • Air-conditioning system (air-conditioning modules with integrated heating are available in two power variations with possibility to insert into the door of cabinet) or ventilating system (consisting of two ventilating modules with possibility to insert into the door of cabinet)
    • 3 shelves for battery location
    • Illumination, 230V plug with current protection and door contacts
  • Roof with outdoor use and lifting eyes for easy manipulation
  • Holes in the pedestal for attaching the cabinet to a supporting frame
  • 2U high independent heating module HM 1000 (for optional heating ventilating system)
  • Emplacement of telecommunication, safety or control technologies in an outdoor environment