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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

Inverter STI_G2 1000VA-48_60Vdc

The STI/G2 inverter module is an up-to-date high efficiency, high frequency switch mode DC/AC converter, especially developed for AC needs in Telecoms.
The STI/G2 offers output characteristics with full sinusoid, stable output voltage in static or dynamic conditions. A smart digital control technique allows very fast response time to any load variation, as well as good overload capabilities.
The wide input voltage range (from 40 up to 80 Vdc) allows using this inverter with any Telecoms application using 48/60 Vdc input.
The environmental friendly design of this range complies with European and International Telecoms standards

 General Features

• Light and compact modules
• High efficiency, high MTBF
• Smart overload features (permanent overload up to 120%)
• Intelligent protection level and temperature management
• Large DC input voltage range
• Front panel connections for all interfaces and power cables
• Display of output power
• Patented technology


• Telecommunications
• Industrial, Control and Security technologies