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Measurement Module MM-03 | A2B‚Äč

Measurement Module MM-03

 General Features

• Compact plastic box, DIN-rail installation
• Input voltage: 20 - 60 VDC
• Current consumption: Max. 100 mA
• Communication interface: RS485, Ethernet 10/100Mbps (Web, Modbus TCP)
• Measurement of battery strings connected to DC power supply with a nominal voltage of 48 VDC
• 16 voltage inputs for each bloc
• 4 inputs to measure shunt current within the range of ± 60 mV
• 1 input for temperature measurement (external temperature sensor)
• Input voltage range for each input: 0 to 70 VDC (for each block)
• Modular design, possibility of chaining via RS485 communication interface (max. 5 pcs MM-03)
• MicroSD card slot
• 1 digital output, 2 digital inputs
• Daisy chaining allows to increase the number of measured values:
   o 80 x voltage input
   o 20 x current input
   o 5 x digital output
   o 10 x digital input
   o 4 x temperature sensor input
• Examples of battery string configurations per one measurement module:
   o 4 x 48V string with 4 batteries (12V)
   o 2 x 48V string with 8 batteries (6V)
   o 1 x 48V string with 12 batteries (4V)


• Remote battery control
• On-line monitoring of cell voltage of connected DC power supply battery strings.
• Monitoring of battery conditions and ambient temperature
• Wide input voltage range allows for use with different battery types
• Remote capacity testing of batteries
• Option to use MM-03’s digital output to control the input power relay of a device in order to conduct a controlled failure
• Option to use MM-03’s digital output to lower the rectifier voltage of a device (one that is capable of performing battery tests) in order to conduct      remote battery testing