Technical specification

Voltage range
24 to 48 V DC

Discharge current
80 A @ 48V

RZ-80N Battery Tester is designed to perform capacitive tests of various types of batteries with a rated voltage of 24 V DC to 48 V DC. For its small size and low weight, the RZ-80N is adapted for use in difficult-to-reach and confined spaces where access is limited by ladders, roof windows, etc.


  • Each measurement is marked with an identification number with the possibility of modification after the measurement.
  • End of measurement set manually – time interval, total voltage of battery string, voltage of battery blocks, number of faulty blocks / cells, discharged capacity Ah (possible combinations of conditions)
  • Required value of current, power or resistance
  • Maximum number of faulty battery blocks
  • Number of measured blocks up to 312 at the same time

Values available during measurement

  • Passed and remaining time of capacity testing
  • Total voltage of battery string
  • Value of the taken current
  • Value of the taken power
  • Value of the taken capacity
  • The temperature measured by the measuring module
  • Voltage of individual battery blocks (possible to sort by order or voltage)
  • Possibility of viewing and changing of set parameters

Versatile to use

  • Wide range of input voltage 20 to 60 V DC
  • Compact size and low weight, user friendly
  • Allows for use of up to 13 MM02N measurement modules with a total of 312 inputs for measuring the voltage of battery blocks
  • Can be used also without measurement modules (e.g. as a testing load for DC systems)
  • Possibility to use the device as a cell/battery monitoring system in charge/discharge mode
  • Parallel operation of multiple devices RZ to increase load current
  • Simple configuration before measuring
  • Operational change of parameters during measurement
  • Well-arranged voltages display of discharged cells with sorting possibility
  • Autonomous end of measurement based on termination conditions
  • PC connection via USB or ethernet interface
  • Suitable for various battery types – lead-acid, NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, etc.


Power Module Features

  • Possibility to connect power input to DC voltage regardless of polarity
  • Power input protected by a circuit breaker
  • Tester powered directly from the tested battery set
  • Touchscreen 3.5″ LCD with backlight
  • Adjustable parameters to prevent deep discharge of batteries
  • Discharging of batteries with a constant current, constant power or constant resistance
  • Measured data stored in internal memory
  • PC Software for download and processing of measured data
  • Temperature and overcurrent protection of power modules
  • Forced cooling

Features of the MM02N measurement module

  • 24 inputs for voltage measuring (max. 20V / input)
  • The possibility of connecting the measuring inputs from the common positive or negative pole of the battery set
  • Measuring inputs equipped with protection against overvoltage and reverse polarity
  • 1 x temperature measurement
  • Galvanic isolation power supply from measuring inputs via a communication bus


  • Discharging and capacity testing of industrial batteries
  • Battery charging monitoring
  • Testing power sources of DC voltage
  • Monitoring of battery set in the UPS or in DC power supplies