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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.


Power Box

The PowerBoxes provide a continuous quality power supply wherever and whenever it is needed. Each PowerBox can be configured based on individual project specifications. PowerBox is a solution in a fully equipped container that can be sent, installed and deployed in the space of a few hours. Each PowerBox contains all of the necessary switches and protective devices to deliver uninterruptible power from a combination of apparatus that includes: a Riello UPS, a flywheel energy storage system, and a diesel generator. Master HP is one of the most flexible and efficient UPS on the market. In the event that the mains power supply fails, a conventional UPS makes use of a battery set. In this case clean energy is provided from a flywheel.
The uninterruptible power supplies available can be configured in modular blocks from 200 kVA to 600 KVA, which can be set up in parallel to reach up to 4 MW of clean energy. The backup time can be extended via the use of flywheels set up in parallel or by traditional battery sets (Battery Hardening). This architecture is useful for using flywheels as the first source of backup power, thus protecting batteries from unnecessary discharges.
Flywheels also provide all the advantages of an auto transfer switch, as well as the advantages of practically instantaneous recharge compared with the hours or days required to recharge conventional batteries.

Power Solution in Container
Easy to move and transport, connect and power, the Riello PowerBox is a highly efficient solution ideal for:

  • Modular data centres requiring modular uninterruptible power supplies
  • Data centres in urban areas requiring additional power
  • Public events requiring extra power for short periods
  • Remote and military installations.