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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.


UPS Multi Sentry

The Multi Sentry series is ideal for protecting data centres and telecommunications systems, IT networks and critical systems in general, where the risks connected with poor energy supply can compromise the continuity of activities and services.
The Multi Sentry series is available in 10-12-15-20 kVA models with three-phase/ single-phase input and single-phase output, and 10-12-15-20-30-40-60-80-100-125-160-200 kVA models with three-phase input and output and on-line double conversion technology in accordance with VFI -SS -111 classification (as set out in standard IEC EN 62040-3).
Multi Sentry is designed and built using state-of-the-art technology and components. It is controlled by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) microprocessor, to provide maximum protection to the powered loads with no impact on downstream systems, and optimised energy savings. Its highly flexible design allows full compatibility with both three-phase and single-phase power supplies, thus eliminating problems in connecting the UPS to the system.

 General Features

Zero impact source
Multi Sentry solves installation problems in systems where the power supply has limited power available, where the UPS is supported by a generator or where there are compatibility problems with loads that generate harmonic currents; Multi Sentry has a zero impact on its power source, whether this is the mains power supply or a generator:

  • input current distortion <3% (10-20kVA) and <2.5% (30-200kVA)
  • input power factor 0.99
  • power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start up
  • start-up delay function, to restart the rectifiers when mains power is restored if there are several UPS in the system.
In addition, Multi Sentry plays a filtering and power factor correction role in the power network upstream of the UPS , as it eliminates harmonic components and reactive power generated by the power utilities.


Installation flexibility
MSM /MST 10,12,15,20 is available in two different cabinet frames:

  • 1320mm high housing: batteries to for back up time to thirty minutes on 20kVA or Isolation transformer;
  • 930mm high compact version which secure the UPS range features in an extremely reduced size;
The single phase output (MCM/MSM 10, 12, 15, 20 kVA) thanks to Its highly flexible design allows full compatibility with both three-phase and single-phase power supplies, thus eliminating problems in connecting the UPS to the system.


High efficiency
State-of-the-art three-level NPC inverters are used across the power range (30÷200) to achieve an operating efficiency of 96.5%. This technology halves (50%) the energy dissipated in a year by traditional UPS, with an efficiency level of 92%. Its exceptional performance makes it possible to recover the capital investment cost in less than three years of operation.

Battery care system
Proper battery care is critical to ensuring correct UPS operation in emergency conditions. The Riello UPS battery care system consists of a series of features and capabilities to optimise battery management and obtain the best performance and operating life possible.
Battery recharging: Multi Sentry is suitable for use with hermetically sealed lead-acid (VRLA ), AGM and GEL batteries and Open Vent and Nickel Cadmium batteries. Depending on the battery type, different charging methods are available:

  • One-level voltage recharge, typically used for widely available VRLA AGM batteries
  • Two-level voltage recharge according to IU specification
  • Charge blocking system to reduce electrolyte consumption and lengthen the life of VRLA batteries
Recharge voltage compensation based on temperature in order to prevent excessive battery charges or overheating.
Battery tests to diagnose in advance any reduction in performance or problems with the batteries.
Deep discharge protection: during extended low-load discharges, the end-of-discharge voltage is increased - as recommended by battery manufacturers - to prevent damage or reduced battery performance.
Ripple current: recharge ripple current (residual AC component) is one of the main causes of reduced reliability and battery life. Using a high frequency battery charger, Multi Sentry reduces this value to negligible levels, prolonging battery life and maintaining high performance over a long period of time.
Wide voltage range: the rectifier is designed to operate within a wide input voltage range (up to - 40% at half load), reducing the need for battery discharge and thus helping to extend battery life.


Maximum reliability and availability
Distributed parallel configuration of up to 8 unites (10-20kVA) and up to 6 units (30-200kVA) per redundant (N+1) or power paralel system. The UPS continue to operate in parallel even if the connection cable is interrupted (Closed Loop).

Operation flexibility
The compact version of the Multi Sentry (MCM/MCT 10, 12, 15, 20 kVA) features embedded auxiliary outlet s for intelligent utilities supply. The “energy share” outlet is driven by relays which are customizable depending on the installation or customer needs, making it more suitable for protecting different critical load.
On the MSM/MST Multi Sentry version the same functionality is available as optionally.

Low running costs
Advanced technology and use of high performance components, allows Multi Sentry to provide exceptional performance and efficiency, with a compact size:

  • the smallest overall footprint is only 0.37 sqm for Multi Sentry 40 kVA with batteries
  • the type of input stage (IGB T rectifier) ensures an input power factor close to 1 with low current distortion, avoiding theneed for bulky and expensive filters
  • unity output power factor for MST 160– 200 make it suitable to any data centre application ensuring full power availability no matter what the utilities power factor range (typically from 0,9 lagging to 0,9 leading)
  • more active power than a traditional UPS, guaranteeing a greater margin when sizing UPS for potential future load increases
  • smart ventilation principle on MST 160-200 manages the number of operating fans and their speed according to room temperature and load level. This preserves the life span of the fans and at the same time life span of the fans and at the same time we reduce noise level and overall power consumption for unnecessary UPS ventilation

With its flexible configuration, performance, accessories and options, Multi Sentry is suitable for use in a wide range of applications:

  • suitable for powering capacitive loads, such as blade servers, without any reduction in active power from 0.9 lead to 0.9 lag
  • On-line, Eco, Smart Active and Stand By Off operating modes - compatible with centralised power systems (CSS ) applications
  • frequency converter mode
  • configurable EnergyShare sockets to preserve runtime for the most critical loads or to be activated only when mains power fails
  • Cold Start to switch on the UPS even when there is no mains power present
  • MST/MSM version: cabinet (1320 x 440 x 850mm HxWxD) for optimised solutions when medium to long-term runtimes are required.
  • optional temperature sensor for external battery cabinets, to assist recharge voltage compensation
  • high power battery chargers to optimise charge time in the event of long runtimes
  • optional dual input mains power supply
  • isolation transformers for modifying the neutral earthing (separate power sources), or for galvanic isolation between the input and output
  • 220 V three-phase IN/OUT version and 50/60 Hz frequency for 10-40 kVA power ratings
  • different sized battery cabinets and capacities, for extended runtimes
  • with the MST 60-100 the UPS can be raised up to 25 cm from the ground to allow the cables to pass more freely to/ from the UPS terminal board
  • MST 160-200 could be equipped with a side mounted top entry cabinet to arrange UPS cabling from the top

Advanced communication
Multi Sentry is equipped with a back-lit graphic display (240x128 pixels) providing UPS information, measurements, operating states and alarms in different languages. It can also display wave forms and voltage/current forms.
The default screen displays UPS status, graphically indicating the status of the various assemblies (rectifier, batteries, inverter, bypass).

  • Advanced multi-platform communications for all operating systems and network environments: PowerShield3 monitoring and shutdown software included for Windows operating systems 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Linux, VMW are ES X and other Unix operating systems
  • Compatible with TeleNetGuard remote monitoring service
  • RS232 serial and USB ports
  • 3 slots for the installation of optional communications accessories such as network adapters, potential free contacts, etc.
  • REPO Remote Emergency Power Off for switching off the UPS via a remote emergency button
  • Input for the connection of the auxiliary contact of an external manual bypass
  • Input for synchronisation from an external Source
  • Graphic display panel for remote connection.