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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

Remote Power Feeding System modular version DCS-RPS-120 up to 1080W

Compact power supply system DCS-RPS is a complete device designed to supply power to industrial, control, telecommunication and security systems with the use of telecommunication lines. The system allows for transfer of 1080W of power to the distance of up to 5 km. The converter system is powered by 48V DC nominal input voltage, 48V DC nominal output voltage and by maximum transmitted power of up to 1080W.
The DCS-RPS system contains:

  • DC/DC-TPU module: converter from 48V DC to 360V (±180V) DC (central unit–power feeding side).
  • DC/DC- RPU module: Aggregation of supply lines, diode isolation: and down converter from 360V (±180V) DC to 48V DC on the remote side (receiving side / supplied side).
  • MP module: Remote control and monitoring (Ethernet or GPRS)

 General Features

  • Modular system
  • Variable mounted system:
    – 1U shelf with 19“/21“ rack mounting kit
    – DIN rail mounting kit
    – Wall mounting kit
  • DC/DC-TPU-120-48 Central unit
  • DC/DC-TPU-120-48 Nominal input voltage: 48V DC
  • DC/DC-TPU-120-48 Input voltage operating range: 40 - 60V DC
  • DC/DC-TPU-120-48 Nominal output voltage: 360V (±180V) DC
  • DC/DC-TPU-120-48 Output voltage operating range: user-configurable in range of 340 – 380V DC
  • DC/DC-RPU-120-48 Remote unit
  • DC/DC-RPU-120-48 Nominal input voltage: 360V (±180V) DC
  • DC/DC-TPU-120-48 Input voltage operating range: 320 - 380V DC
  • DC/DC-RPU-120-48 Nominal output voltage: 48V DC
  • DC/DC-TPU-120-48 module Power: 120 W
  • Total power of 1U ( 3x DC/DC-TPU-120-48 module): 360 W
  • Required number of pairs for DC/DC-TPU-120-48 module (120 W): 8 for feeding 1 for communication
  • Required number of pairs for 1U shelf (120 W, 240 W or 360 W): 8, 16 or 24 for feeding 1 for communication
  • Parallel configuration system: up to 3x 1U shelf for total system power 1080 W (72+1 pairs)
  • Surge protection: 250V DC to protective ground bus
  • Overcurrent protection: max 58mA per pair
  • Remote control and monitoring: RS485 or Ethernet (MP module)
  • Forced cooling
  • Fulfils the recommendations ITU-T K.50 RFT-C and RFT-V together
  • Low voltage (48 VDC) service mode


  • Remote Power Feeding for Industrial, control, telecommunications and security systems using telecommunication lines (cables) as a transmission medium for transmitting electrical power.