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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.


Modular Converter System - DCS

Modular Converter System - DCS allows for simple creation of a compact converter system with a range of functions typical for large power systems. A built-in microprocessor unit monitors and controls all operating parameters of the DCS system. The Modular Converter System is equipped with a sensor for optical and digital signalization of minimum DC voltage levels on the system's input.

 General Features

· Nominal input/output voltage 110/48 V DC, 220/110 V DC, 220/48 V DC
· Designed for converter module DC110/DC48, DC220/DC110, DC220/DC48
· Options mounting 1 - 3 module converters
· Outputs protection according to customer’s needs
· Mounting onto a 19“ rack
· Visual communication- LCD display
· Remote supervision via potential free relay contacts
· Communication via RS232 or Ethernet (optianal)
· Diode separated battery inputs


· Telecom, industrial, control and security technologies