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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

Battery Tester RZ-240N

RZ-240N Battery Testers is designed for capacity testing of battery strings with nominal voltage of min 24VDC. It is suitable for use with various types of batteries. Thanks to the high maximum operating voltage it is possible to use this device for a wide range of battery string voltages.


  • Each measurement is marked with an identification number with the possibility of modification after the measurement.
  • End of measurement set manually - time interval, total voltage of battery string, voltage of battery blocks, number of faulty blocks, discharged capacity Ah (possible combinations of conditions)
  • Required value of current, power or resistance
  • Maximum number of faulty battery blocks
  • Number of measured blocks up to 312 at the same time

Values available during measurement

  • Passed and remaining time of capacity testing
  • Total voltage of battery string
  • Value of the taken current
  • Value of the taken power
  • Value of the taken capacity
  • The temperature measured by the measuring module
  • Voltage of individual battery blocks (possible to sort by order or voltage)
  • Possibility of viewing and changing of set parameters

 General Features

  • Wide range of input voltage 24 to 800VDC or 600VAC
  • Compact size and low weight, user friendly
  • Allows to connect up to 13 MM02N measurement modules with a total of 312 inputs for measuring the voltage of battery blocks
  • Can be used also without MM02N modules (e.g. as a testing load for DC and AC systems)
  • Possibility to use the device as battery monitoring system of cells/battery in charging/discharging mode
  • Parallel operation of multiple RZs to increase the load current
  • Possibility to connect an additional external passive load, measured by an external current probe
  • Simple configuration before measuring
  • Operational change of parameters during measurement
  • Well-arranged voltages display of discharged cells with sorting possibility
  • Autonomous end of measurement based on termination conditions
  • Redundant power supply from a tested battery set and/or AC network
  • PC connection via USB or ethernet interface
  • Suitable for various battery types – lead-acid, NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, etc.

 Power Module Features

  • Components designed for operating voltage of max 800VDC
  • Possibility to connect power input to DC (or AC) voltage regardless of polarity
  • Power input protected by exchangeable fuse
  • Tester powered directly from the tested battery set and redundantly from 230VAC mains
  • Touchscreen 3.5" LCD with backlight
  • Control board and LCD display galvanically isolated from the parts under dangerous voltage
  • Adjustable parameters to prevent deep discharge of batteries
  • Discharging of batteries with a constant current, constant power or constant resistance
  • Measured data stored in internal memory
  • PC Software for download and processing of measured data
  • Temperature and overcurrent protection of power modules
  • Forced cooling

 Features of the MM02N measurement module

  • 24 inputs for voltage measuring (max. 20V / input)
  • The possibility of connecting the measuring inputs from the common positive or negative pole of the battery set
  • Measuring inputs equipped with protection against overvoltage and reverse polarity
  • 1 x temperature measurement
  • Galvanic isolation power supply from measuring inputs via a communication bus


  • Discharging and testing the capacity of industrial batteries
  • Battery charging monitoring
  • Testing power sources of AC and DC voltage
  • Monitoring of battery set in the UPS or in DC power supplies