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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

Master Switch Three Phase

Installing a Master Switch static transfer switch provides additional resilience and protection from the disruption that can be caused by the failure of a single power source.
The result is the absolute protection of industrial utilities and critical information technology against power supply and load faults.

 General Features

Operating principle
Master Switch guarantees a source of redundant power, allowing the load to be switched between to alternative and independent power sources. Switching can be automatic (when a supply source falls outside of acceptable tolerances) or manually done by an operator from the front panel or remotely.

Protection against power supply faults
If one of the two power sources falls outside tolerance levels, Master Switch will transfer the consumers to the second power source (switching is instantaneous if the two sources are in phase).

Protection against environmental disturbances
Overloads and load faults

In the event of an overload, the user can decide the level of intervention of the internal protection devices in order to block the power supply. In the extreme case of a downstream short circuit, Master Switch disconnects the load in order to avoid jeopardising the operation of the other loads (i.e. in the event of poor selectivity of the protection devices).

Total microprocessor control
Microprocessor control logic ensures:

  • Fast and safe switching between power sources
  • Monitoring of all parameters via LCD display
  • Constant monitoring of SCR operation
  • Advanced remote diagnostics (RS232 and TCP /IP).

Redundant design
Power is supplied to the internal logic by two physically separate supply circuits that are fully independent and that can be replaced in “hot replacement” mode without causing power supply interruptions to the load. In the event that the power supplied by both sources fails, full system operation is guaranteed by the “Power Supply back up” function, which provides auxiliary power supply to the circuits from an external, independent power source.
Master Switch is equipped with a dual redundant ventilation system known as: “fan redundance plus”. Thanks to this feature, and in the unlikely event that two fans fail at the same time, those remaining would still be able to dissipate the heat generated at nominal load and with an ambient temperature of up to 40° C.
Also the fans can be replaced in “hot replacement” mode, ensuring continuity during the replacement operation.

Superior protection
In the event of an output short circuit, Master Switch blocks the transfer between the two power sources, eliminating the risk of propagating the short circuit and its effects to the other loads. A back feed control circuit ensures the automatic intervention of the protection devices when a return of power to one of the two Master Switch inputs is detected.

The layout of the moving components and parts is designed to ensure easy frontal access:

  • power cable connections that are easily accessed with entry from below
  • boards housed in a dedicated area for rapid diagnosis / replacement
  • all parts subject to monitoring, maintenance and/or replacement.

Advanced communications
Master Switch provides information, measurements, statuses, and alarms via the LCD display.
The STS is compatible with PowerShield³ supervision and shutdown software for Windows operating systems 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X and Sun Solaris.