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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

UPS Sentinel Rack SER


  • Power factor 0.9
  • Operating flexibility
  • Emergency function
  • Battery optimisation
  • Runtime expandability
  • Compact dimension
  • Low deep: 380 mm

Sentinel Rack has compact design and improved performance. Sentinel Rack uses on-line double conversion technology, resulting in the highest levels of reliability and maximum protection for critical loads such as servers, and IT and voice/data applications.

For business continuity applications requiring long battery runtimes, battery autonomy can be extended up to several hours using the 3000 VA model fitted with more powerful battery charger.
Front display panel has been entirely redesigned, adding an LCD display that shows the input and output voltages, battery readings and UPS operating status information. The inverter and the microprocessor control stage provide increased efficiency and greater configuration options.

Maximum expandability: the Sentinel Rack is supplied as standard with a USB port and an expansion slot for protocol conversion or relay contacts boards.
With energy savings in mind, Sentinel Rack is also fitted with a shut-off switch to reduce energy consumption to zero during prolonged periods of inactivity (ECO LINE).
Sentinel Rack is available in 1500 VA and 3000 VA models.


Different operating modes that can be programmed according to user requirements and the load to be powered have been introduced in order to reduce energy consumption.

  • On line: Maximum load protection and output voltage waveform quality.
  • Eco Mode: The UPS uses line interactive technology, with the load powered by the mains, reducing consumption and thus improving efficiency (up to 98%).
  • Smart Active Mode: The UPS automatically selects on-line or line interactive operation, depending on the quality of the mains supply, checking the number, frequency and type of disturbances present.
  • Stand by Off (núdzové): The UPS supplies the load only when the mains fails. The inverter begins working with a progressive start-up sequence to prevent inrush currents.
  • Frequency converter: operation (50 or 60 Hz).


This configuration ensures the operation of emergency systems that must be supplied in the event of a mains power failure, such as emergency lighting, fire detection/ extinguishing systems and alarms. When the mains power supply fails, the inverter begins powering the loads with a progressive start-up (Soft Start) in order to prevent overload.
Sentinel Rack is compliant for installation in medium-voltage transformer rooms in accordance with applicable legislation, for the power supply with reserve charge of medium-voltage coils.


The Sentinel Rack range has a deep discharge protection device to optimise battery life.
Periodically the UPS carries out a battery efficiency test (which can also be manually activated); its wide input voltage tolerance range helps to reduce battery usage and maintain performance over time.


Optional battery extension packs can be connected to increase UPS runtime.
SER 3000 ER version is designed without internal batteries and a more powerful battery chargers to achieve longer runtimes.


Thanks to the use of high frequency components and load-based fan speed control, the noise produced by the UPS is less than 40 dBA.


  • Filtered, stabilised and reliable voltage: double conversion on-line technology (VFI compliant with IEC 62040-3) with filters for the suppression of atmospheric disturbances
  • High overload capability (up to 150%)
  • Programmable Auto-restart when mains is restored
  • Battery start-up (Cold Start)
  • Power factor correction (UPS input power factor, close to 1)
  • Wide input voltage tolerance range (from 140 V to 276 V) without battery intervention
  • Runtime extendable up to several hours
  • Fully configurable using UPS Tools configuration software
  • Highly reliable batteries (automatic and manually-activated battery test)
  • High level of UPS reliability (total microprocessor control)
  • Low impact on the mains (sinusoidal take up)


  • Multi-platform communication for all operating systems and network environments: PowerShield³ supervision and shutdown software for Windows operating systems 10, 8, 7, Hyper-V, 2016, 2012, and previous versions, Mac OS X, Linux, VMWare ESXi, Citrix XenServer and other Unix operating systems.
  • UPS Tools configuration and customisation software supplied as standard
  • RS232 serial port and opto-isolated contacts
  • USB port
  • Slot for communications boards