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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.


Inverter Y-ONE 800

The inverter range using TSI technology “Twin Sine Innovation” is the latest revolution in the DC/AC inverter business. This concept gets a significant evolution on the level of the compactness of the system and efficiency. We take the benefit of the AC input when present and use only DC when AC input is not available.

 General Features

• Efficiency of 92% in EPC mode, to compare with the 85% of global efficiency of a traditional rectifier/inverter system
     o Energy losses reduced by 50%
     o Better carbon footprint.
• No need for external static switch and reduced sizing of the rectifier
     o The static switch function is integrated in the module using EPC mode
     o The rectifier is only used to charge the battery
• AC input filtering
     o The Y_ONE has unity power factor on AC input
     o Wide AC input range from 175Vac to 275 Vac with pure sine output regulated at 230VAC. Ideal solution in area with poor AC input grid
• Frequency and output voltage user selectable
• DC input , AC input, AC output on terminals located on the rear panel
• Optional : AC output on 2xIEC socket located on the front with individual fuse protection


• Telecommunications
• IT technologies
• Industrial and Security technologies