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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

Modular Inverter System – MIS

Modular inverter systems (MIS) are complete devices made and delivered in various power modifications based on the customer’s needs. Each of the listed types is composed of parallels connected inverter modules (the maximum number of parallels working inverters is 16 – in the case of expanding the system by another cabinet). Inverters can be connected independently or in parallel, with or without an electronic by-pass
Inverter systems can work in two modes. In the first mode, the load is supplied from the 230 VAC mains and is only switched to the batteries in case of a power failure. In the second mode, the load is supplied from the batteries and is only switched to the 230 VAC mains in case of a circuit dropout. The battery/mains or mains/battery switch can be controlled either manually (by man) or automatically (by Static Switch – STM)
Each of the inverter modules have their own control module (with an LCD display and control buttons) to manage various activities and indicate alarm statuses. Static switch (STM) safeguards central information about system status, control parallel cooperation invertors and indicate alarm reported. Static switch is optional accessories.

 General Features

• Nominal input voltage of 24, 48, 110, 220 V DC
• Nominal output voltage of 230 V AC
• Designed for RDI 1000 – 3000VA modular inverters
• Designed for max. 8 pcs of RDI 3000VA STM SWMB in one cabinet: 45U
• Every module equipped with an input breaker
• The number of output breakers determined by customer’s needs
• Front access to the modules and breakers
• Monitored current and voltage values are displayed on the relevant module‘s LCD display
• Remote control via Ethernet (optional)
• Compact solution with an overall height of 45U


• Telecommunications
• Industrial, Control and Security technologies