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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.


POWERFULL XXL series of ONIS VISA genset includes power from 730 to 2 000 kVA P.R.P. (prime power) for possible usage as a primary power source or back-up power supply. It is possible to deliver POWERFULL XXL series gensets in four versions: without a cover or with a cover – Cover version, a version with the cover as well as noise damping device – Silent version, or as the genset in a noise damping container.
POWEWRFULL XXL series gensets are equipped with PERKINS, MITSUBISHI or MTU four-stroke diesel engine. It is possible to supply an ATS switch board equipped with contactors or motorized circuit breakers, to gensets in automatic version (automatic start in the case of mains failure), that insures switching of power supply load between mains and genset.


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