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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

Rectifier DPR 2900B-48 EnergE 97,2%

Delta’s technology leading telecom rectifier DPR 2900B EnergE provides the industrial leading efficiency of 97.2%. The single phase, hot pluggable fan cooled rectifier provides the 36.5W/in³ outstanding power density. Integrated with the high efficiency rectifier DPR 2900B EnergE, Delta power solution provides an energy saving solution for network base stations, wireless applications, fixed line applications and data communications.

 General Features

• OPEX & energy saving – leading efficiency 97.2 %
• OPEX saving – extended temperature range
• Space saving – world’s leading packaging of high efficiency technology – up to 11.6kW in 1U shelf
• Power density 36.5 W / in³
• Easy retrofit to existing DPR 2700 Series installations
• Integrated AC overvoltage protection


• Network base stations
• Wireless applications
• Fixed line applications, data communications