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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

Modular power supply system DCS 1500A-24/110/220-x

DCS devices are small-size power supply systems. They can be applied in a communication or control infrastructure. The devices in this series are lightweight and designed especially for installations in confined spaces with high power density.
The system includes high efficiency rectifiers, AC and DC connection points, a control unit. In addition to a high degree of supervision, the device has a low depth and is easy to install, contributing to the successful deployment of the system.
This solution was designed to optimize overall costs.

 Main Features

  • Power up to 36 kW can be installed in a 19" rack
  • The power system is built in a 19 "rack with a height of 1U, 2U or up to 6U - depending on performance
  • High rectifier efficiency of more than 95 %
  • All connections are easily accessible
  • Choice of monitoring and control accessories


  • Industrial applications
  • Control and monitoring systems