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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.

Modular power supply system DCS 1500A-110-2-5U

The DCS 1500A-110-2-5U system is a compact power supply system characterized by small dimensions. It contains two independent inputs for the connection of mains voltage with optical signalling and allows the connection of two rectifiers with a power of 1500 W / 110 V DC with parallel operation.
The system includes a battery connection module with LVBD and current measurement. This module is hot swap as well as all other components - rectifiers, control unit, battery disconnection module.
Thanks to the distribution, which is located on the opening system, easy access to all terminals and modules located inside the device is possible, only from the front and without the risk of backup power failure.
The system monitors of all components - circuit breakers and modules. The insulation state of the output voltage is also monitored and the output voltage failure is checked by means of an independent self-holding relay, which detects with memory an outage of less than 5 ms.
This solution was designed to optimize overall costs.

 Main Features

  • Two independent mains inputs
  • Total power - max. 3 kW (2 x 1,5 kW, redundancy 1+1)
  • High efficiency of rectifiers more than 95 %
  • Replaceable battery monitoring and disconnection module
  • Monitoring of individual battery cells
  • Easily accessible all connections
  • Front access for easy installation and service
  • Compact dimensions
    • power supply part: 19" rack with height 1U
    • distribution part: 19" rack with height 4U (optional)


    • Industrial applications
    • Control and monitoring systems