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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.


Converter DC48V/DC48V-3.75A

The DC48V/DC48V-3.75A is a converter with nominal voltage of 48 VDC and maximum current of 3.75 A. The basic component of DC48V/DC48V-3.75A converter is a switch-mode power supply. The converter is equipped with input, output and SENSE terminals to measure the output voltage of connected load in order to compensate for the losses on output conductors. The converter is designed to be mounted onto a DIN rail.

 General Features

· Nominal input voltage: 48V DC
· Nominal output voltage: 48V DC
· DIN rail mounting
· Dielectric strength: 4 kV AC input / output
· Galvanic isolation between input/output
· Over current protection for input
· Electronic short-circuit protection for output
· Possibility of remote blocking through potential free relay contacts
· Forced cooling (fan)


· Telecom, industrial, control and security technologies