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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.


Batteries WING OPzV

WING BATTERIES are designed for stationary applications and are completely maintenance free.Wing accumulators are successfully used for the following applications. Some examples: solar energy, wind energy, electric power, nuclear power, UPS systems, communication, maritime purposes, emergency lighting, golf trolleys, medical equipment, situation with high environmental protection and energy-saving.

 Innovative features
  • Positive electrode tubular PbCaSn - alloy
  • Negative electrode grid - pasted type with long-life expander material
  • Separation micro porous separator
  • 1.24 kg/l Electrolyte sulphuric acid - fixed as Gel by silica
  • ABS, high impact container
  • Valve pressure 50-100 mbar with flame arrestor
  • Pole - bushing 100% gas- and electrolyte-tight
  • M10 brass insertion sliding-pole
  • Connectors, flexible insulated copper cables, with cross-section of 35-90 mm²
 Construction features
  • Designed service life of 20 years
  • High cycle service life
  • Better temperature resistance performance
  • Excellent deep cycle performance
  • Better safety performance and reliability
  • High Performance price/ratio and low yearly operating cost
 Technical features

Plates: positive plate adopts tubular type plate which can effectively prevent active substance falling, the positive plate frame is molded with multi-component alloy, the crystal particle of alloy structure is tiny and dense, the corrosion-resisting performance is fine and service life is long. Negative plate adopts pasted plate, the grid adopts radiated structure which enhances utilization ratio of active substance and discharge capability of strong current, and the charge reception capability is strong.
Container and lid: it’s made of ABS material, corrosion prevention is fine, strength is high, and appearance is beautiful, it can be sealed with lid reliably which can prevent potential leakage risk.
Separator: adopt special micro-pore PVC-SiO2 separator from Europe AMER-SIL Company, the porosity of separator is big and resistance is low. It has bigger electrolyte storage space.
Terminal sealing: the built-in copper core lead-base terminal post has stronger current carrying capacity and corrosion resistance. The unique double sealing structure of terminal post can effectively avoid leakage, guarantee reliability of terminal post sealing.
Safety valve: adopt Germany technology, constant opening and closing valve, high.

 Standards and certification
  • No special shipping requirements
  • Non Hazardous goods
  • Deutsche Telecom TL4423-06OGIV
  • UPS systems
  • Communication
  • Maritime purposes
  • Medical equipment
  • Nuclear power