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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.


Batteries FIAMM Sonick 48TL

 Technical Features
  • Steel cell case and double stainless steel device case
  • Integrated system (BMS) for monitoring, diagnostics and data logging
  • User interface on front panel
  • Ready for remote diagnostics and monitoring
  • Compatible with any DC power supply and standard telecom rectifiers
  • Scalable with parallel operation
  • No memory effect
  • BMS diagnostics alert on anomalies and disconnect the device in case of serious failure
  • Supplementary protection with an independent circuitry in the event of BMS failure
  • Integrated low voltage disconnect (LVD)
  • 48TL-H models: optimized insulation to guarantee lowest thermal loss and maximize the system energy efficiency Ideal for applications that require medium to very long discharge
  • Zero ambient emission: can be installed in a sealed environment
  • System outside temperature only few degrees above the ambient temperature
  • Efficient material usage and 100% recyclable: stainless steel, nickel, iron, salt, ceramic
  • RoHs compliant
 Sodium Nickel Chloride Technology
  • Use of sodium and nickel as active materials, with solid ceramic electrolyte
  • Active materials contained in sealed steel sheet cells
  • “hot device” - internal operating temperature around 300°C / 572°F
  • Made with 2.58 Volt cells with 140 Wh/kg / 310Wh/lb and 280 Wh/liter specific density
  • Proven technology for energy storage and clean powering of electric vehicles
 Applications and Key Benefits
  • Constant performance at -20° to 60°C / -4°F to 140°F
  • No cooling required
  • >3000 cycles at 80% DoD
  • 100% maintenance free in operation
  • Specific energy: 70% lighter and 30% smaller than conventional backup systems
  • Very low total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other backup technologies
  • No outgassing and zero ambient emission
  • Very long shelf life without maintenance: stores energy indefinitely when not connected
48V sodium nickel chloride energy backup system, specifically designed for telecom application
Ideal for:
  • Telecom central office sites with stringent energy density requirement
  • Telecom outdoor cabinets in locations with elevated or extreme temperature
  • Installation with poor grid connection and frequent power outages
  • Installation in locations where regular on-site maintenance is costly or not possible
 Applicable Standards
  • EN 61000-6-1
  • CE
  • CAS Nr 7440-02-0 Nickel specification
  • NEBS Level-1 DA-1976
    48TL200: certified
    48TL120 - 48TL160 - 48TL160H: designed to comply