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Highly efficient power supply and backup power supply solutions to telecommunications, information and industrial technologies.


Batteries FIAMM Monolite UMTB

The FIAMM UMTB valve regulated lead acid battery offers all the advantages of absorptive glass mat (AGM) technology with the added benefits of accessible front terminals.
The front terminal design on all UMTB batteries reduces installation time and simplifies maintenance. System reliability is enhanced and cost is reduced. The front access terminals are fully insulated by terminal covers thus ensuring electrical safety. The terminal covers have a specially designed probe hole allowing safe and easy voltage readings to be taken. The front terminal design minimzies overall footprint and facilitates a more compact batter layout in both cabinets and on racks. The new grid design and the new lead alloy ensure a long life and excellent performance at all discharge rates.
The highest quality and respect for the environment is assured by FIAMM’s adherence to ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental system.

 General Features

  • Monoblocs fits 19“ and 23“ rack/cabinet
  • Optional remote venting system
  • Optional means of connection from the front, the top and the side of the monoblocs offering flexibility to connect the monoblocks according to available space

 Technical Features

  • Plates and Grids: thick pasted plates and grids of high quality Lead- Tin-Calcium alloy
  • Separators: microporous glass mats
  • Containers and Lids: made from thick-walled ABS flame retardant plastic designed for unsurpassed mechanical strength standard IEC 707 FV0 and UL 94 V0. Lids are automatically heat-sealed to the container
  • Terminals: threaded terminals provide for high conductivity, minimum installation time, and maximum torque retention
  • Flame Arrestors: expel excess gas while preventing any errant spark or flame from entering the battery
  • Handles: all sizes have handles which facilitates ease of handling, installation and removal of the batteries
  • Remote Venting System: an optional Remote Venting System (RVS) is available for applications which require small amounts of gas (generated during normal operation) to be vented externally

 Applicable Standards

  • IEC 60896 part 21 – 22
  • BS 6290 part 4
  • Eurobat Guide – 12 years and longer – „long life“

 Electrical Characteristics

  • Battery float voltage at 20°C: 13,62 V / 12V bloc
  • Float voltage compensation with temparature: -15 mV / °C / 12V bloc
  • Self discharge at 20°C: < 2% / month